Bachelor of Science in Food Technology is a four-year program which equips students with necessary competencies in the scientific handling and processing of foods, both in commercial and small-scale industries. The holistic formation of students includes the development of proper work and research ethics.

Career Options:
*Food Technologist*Food Technology Consultant or Researcher*
*Production Manager*Product Development Specialist*Food Quality Assurance*Sensory Specialist*FoodSales Representative *Food Application Specialist*Food Consultant*Food Researcher* Food-Based Entrepreneur*

Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in Special Education (SPED) is a four-year program which equips prospective teachers of children with special needs focusing on the necessary pedagogical and content knowledge and skills. Emphasis is placed on developing a better understanding of the psychology of special children, appropriate and effective teaching strategies, and preparation of relevant instructional materials.

Career Options:
*SPED Teacher*SPED Researcher seminar Trainor/Facilitator/ Speaker*Textbook Writer*Module Writer*Instructional Materials Developer/Consultant*


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a five-year academic program of studies for an allied medical profession whose main purpose is the promotion of optimal health and function by providing services that develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability, relieve musculoskeletal pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or diseases. It includes the art and science of evaluation and treatment by means of therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, manual manipulation, electricity and other physical agents for the care of individuals whose ability to function is impaired or threatened by disease or injury.

Career Options:
*Physical therapist in hospitals, out patient physical therapy clinic, athletic and sports training facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, corporate and industrial settings*Professor*Researcher*Further education in medicine*

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management curriculum provides a synthesis of different skills, concepts and principles specializing in hospitality training. It involves the study and application of practical and managerial knowledge and functions such as hotel and restaurant operations, culinary arts, food service, hospitality education and research that are essential in preparing the students to become adept future restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Career Options:
*Restaurant Operations Manager*Executive Housekeeper*Front Office Staff*Front Office Manager*Management Trainee*Food And Beverage Director*Restaurant Or Lodging Business Owner*
Leisure And Recreation Consultant*Food Service Consultant*
Professor*Food Stylist*Executive Chef*Independent Caterer*
Cruise Line Staff*Bartender*

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