Bachelor of Science in Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and experiences. The program provides opportunities for field experience, independent study, research, and time for career exposures through practicum work.

Career Options:
*Psychometry*Guidance And Counseling*Human Resource Development*Community Development*Training Program Design*

Bachelor of Science in Biology deals with the study of living organisms and all aspects of their existence. This can be achieved through the mastery of the various disciplines and application of laboratory techniques that motivate the students to undertake researches on plant, animal and microbial life.

Career Options:
*Preparation For Health Professions*Medical And Biological Researcher*Ecologist*Conservationist*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Major in Actuarial Science is applied mathematics that involves the study of evaluation of risks, analysis of financial problems, application of mathematical probabilities, and management of programs to reduce adverse financial effects on people’s lives.
Career Options:
*Life & Social Insurance*Employee Benefits Consultant*
Investment And Finance*Statistical Work*Business,Government
& Consumer Banking*Professor*
The College houses seven departments namely, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Psychology, Department of Languages and the Department of Social Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management is a degree program for students who intend to pursue a professional career in Marketing Discipline.

Career Options:
*Managers in a business, government or non-government organization*marketing

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