Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics (ECO) program is designed to train students in the logical and mathematical analysis of economic problems and teach them the principles of finding the solutions to these problems, in the light of the country’s needs or to attain the objective of individual enterprises, both commercial and non-commercial. It also trains the students on the proper management of business and on becoming an entrepreneur.

Career Options:
*Economists*Economic Planners/Forecasters*Corporate Planners* Statisticians*Economic researchers*Managers*Entrepreneurs*

Bachelor of Arts Major in Behavioral Science (BES) program combines psychology, management, and sociology with emphasis on human resource management. It gives the students a detailed picture of the world of labor and industry. The program trains students to understand and perform personnel functions such as wage and salary administration, recruitment and placement, training and development, and labor relations.

Career Options:
*Personnel Manager*Organization Analyst*Psychometrician*
Training Coordinator*Human Resource Staff*Researcher*Guidance Counselor*

Bachelor of Arts Major in Asian Studies (AS) is a distinct field of interdisciplinary study which provides the students with an understanding of traditional and contemporary Asian history and culture. The students are trained critically examine the dynamics of Asia focusing on policy, economic theories, and globalization. The program is an excellent preparation for careers related to law and management.

Career Options:
*Ambassador/Diplomat*Law practice*Community Development Organizer*Researcher*Civil Society Consultant*Policy Analyst* Development Studies Specialist*

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