Bachelor of Music is program designed to prepare students for a professional career in music. The curriculum provides a well-rounded program of studies including programs in Performance, General Education, Musical Sciences, Music Literature, and Music History. The program offers majors in Piano, Music Education, Voice, Strings, Guitar, Woodwind, Brass wind, Percussion, Composition, Theory, Conducting, Music Literature and Jazz Studies.
Career Options:
*Music Teacher*Performer in small and big chamber groups *Conductor*Back-up musician*Performer*Music computer specialist* Arranger*Composer*

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry is concerned with the chemistry of molecules and chemical processes of life. It is multidisciplinary, standing at the crossroads between the physical sciences (chemistry and physics) and the life sciences (botany, zoology, microbiology and genetics). This four-year program familiarizes the students with the fundamental principles and theories, and their application in research and industry.

*Agriculture*Analytical Biochemistry*Biotechnology*Food Processing Industry *Health And Diseases*Industrial Biochemistry*Professor*


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is the art and science of biological agents used as drugs for the prevention, diagnosis, cure, and treatment of diseases of man and animals. The study of pharmacy is founded on the identification, discovery, isolation, synthesis, and formulation of biologically active compounds for clinical use. However, the increasing complexity of pathological processes and health care delivery systems has expanded the role of pharmacists from the usual orientation to drugs to competencies in ensuring appropriate use of such agents by health care providers and patients. Pharmacists are not just experts on drug information but also authorities on drug use.

Career Options:
*Pharmacy Professor*Researcher*Pharmaceutical Industry*

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