An Associate's degree is an academic degree typically awarded by community colleges, junior colleges and some bachelor's degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of 60 undergraduate credits.

There are two primary types of Associate's degrees: transfer degreesvocational or professional degrees. and

Transfer degrees form the foundation of a Bachelor's degree by enabling students to complete some or all of the general education requirements to transfer to

  • An Associate of Arts (AA) degree, typically for majors in the social sciences or humanities or general studies.
  • An Associate of Science (AS) degree, typically for majors in mathematics, natural sciences, or technology.

Occupational or professional Associate's degrees qualify students for entry-level positions that do not require a Bachelor's degree. Our colleges and universities offer occupational/professional degrees in fields such as computer programming, criminal justice, graphic design, paralegal studies and medical assisting. Occupational/professional Associate's degrees are often terminal, in that the credits may not be transferable to a bachelor's degree program.

This course usually consists of practical training in the kitchen and organized field trips to introduce students to the industry. In full uniform, students will learn knife skills and basic food preparation techniques as well as practical sanitation skills. Field trips include tours of hotel and restaurant kitchens led by professional chefs. Classroom discussion will center on selected topics from a range of books.

Bachelor of Arts Major in Legal Management (LM) is a study designed not only to prepare the students for a law program or other post baccalaureate study in management or public administration, but also to develop in them entrepreneurial skills.

Career Options:
*Law practice*Judiciary & Public Service*Entrepreneur*
Law Office Managers*Human Resource Managers*Legal Researcher* Legal Support Staff*Government Official*


Bachelor of Arts Major in Journalism (JRN) program tackles all aspects of writing for newspaper and magazine, as well as for radio and television broadcast. It will train students in the effective reporting and in-depth coverage of local and international events, personalities, places, etc. Moreover, it will teach students the ethical responsibilities that will ultimately count with the pursuit of the truth and the treatment of various issues that affect the country and the international community.

Career Options:
*Reporter*Scriptwriter*Broadcaster*Copywriter*Editor*Public Relations Practitioner*Information Officer*Publicist*

Com Arts

Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts (CA) program provides the students with training in communications as an art, a science, and service to the community. It teaches the ethical significance of, as well as the responsibility involved in the use of print, radio, television, audio-visuals, and film.

Career Options:
*Advertising Practitioner*Account Manager*Creative Director*
Copywriter*Media/Buyer Planner*Public Relations Practitioner*
Corporate Communications Director*Public Relations Manager/ Consultant*Publicist*Event Planner*Market Researcher*T.V./ Film Director*T.V./Film Scriptwriter*Radio/T.V. Field Reporter*Radio/T.V. Newscaster*Program Host*

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (IE) program is designed to prepare the student for professional work in the design, improvement, installation, and maintenance of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment, and methods. The curriculum covers the engineering and social sciences, principles and methods of systems analysis and design, industrial management and human behavior.

Career Options:
*Planning Engineer*Methods Analyst*System Analyst*Design Engineer*Quality Engineer*Project Analyst*Information Analyst *Productivity Consultant/Specialist*Operations Research Analyst*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Students under this program are trained to handle the managerial side of computer related activities. The focus of the program is effective management of resources – people, money, and computer facilities, especially in areas involving accounting, projections/estimates/feasibility studies, and the like.

Career Options:
*Project Leader*Database Administrator*Database Designer*
Financial Analyst/Auditor*Programmer*

Com Sci

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program’s main focus is to expose the students to different approaches and styles in developing programs whether they are procedural or the object oriented type of system approach (software& system development).

Career Options:
*Project Leader*System Analyst/Designer*Database Creator/ Administrator*Database Designer*Programmer*Web Designer*

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology is a four-year program which equips students with necessary competencies in the scientific handling and processing of foods, both in commercial and small-scale industries. The holistic formation of students includes the development of proper work and research ethics.

Career Options:
*Food Technologist*Food Technology Consultant or Researcher*
*Production Manager*Product Development Specialist*Food Quality Assurance*Sensory Specialist*FoodSales Representative *Food Application Specialist*Food Consultant*Food Researcher* Food-Based Entrepreneur*

Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in Special Education (SPED) is a four-year program which equips prospective teachers of children with special needs focusing on the necessary pedagogical and content knowledge and skills. Emphasis is placed on developing a better understanding of the psychology of special children, appropriate and effective teaching strategies, and preparation of relevant instructional materials.

Career Options:
*SPED Teacher*SPED Researcher seminar Trainor/Facilitator/ Speaker*Textbook Writer*Module Writer*Instructional Materials Developer/Consultant*


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a five-year academic program of studies for an allied medical profession whose main purpose is the promotion of optimal health and function by providing services that develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability, relieve musculoskeletal pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or diseases. It includes the art and science of evaluation and treatment by means of therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, manual manipulation, electricity and other physical agents for the care of individuals whose ability to function is impaired or threatened by disease or injury.

Career Options:
*Physical therapist in hospitals, out patient physical therapy clinic, athletic and sports training facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, corporate and industrial settings*Professor*Researcher*Further education in medicine*

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management curriculum provides a synthesis of different skills, concepts and principles specializing in hospitality training. It involves the study and application of practical and managerial knowledge and functions such as hotel and restaurant operations, culinary arts, food service, hospitality education and research that are essential in preparing the students to become adept future restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Career Options:
*Restaurant Operations Manager*Executive Housekeeper*Front Office Staff*Front Office Manager*Management Trainee*Food And Beverage Director*Restaurant Or Lodging Business Owner*
Leisure And Recreation Consultant*Food Service Consultant*
Professor*Food Stylist*Executive Chef*Independent Caterer*
Cruise Line Staff*Bartender*

Bachelor of Science in Psychology is the science that studies human behavior and experiences. The program provides opportunities for field experience, independent study, research, and time for career exposures through practicum work.

Career Options:
*Psychometry*Guidance And Counseling*Human Resource Development*Community Development*Training Program Design*

Bachelor of Science in Biology deals with the study of living organisms and all aspects of their existence. This can be achieved through the mastery of the various disciplines and application of laboratory techniques that motivate the students to undertake researches on plant, animal and microbial life.

Career Options:
*Preparation For Health Professions*Medical And Biological Researcher*Ecologist*Conservationist*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Major in Actuarial Science is applied mathematics that involves the study of evaluation of risks, analysis of financial problems, application of mathematical probabilities, and management of programs to reduce adverse financial effects on people’s lives.
Career Options:
*Life & Social Insurance*Employee Benefits Consultant*
Investment And Finance*Statistical Work*Business,Government
& Consumer Banking*Professor*
The College houses seven departments namely, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Psychology, Department of Languages and the Department of Social Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management is a degree program for students who intend to pursue a professional career in Marketing Discipline.

Career Options:
*Managers in a business, government or non-government organization*marketing


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy provides a foundation of professional knowledge, skills, values, ethics and attitudes that will enable our students to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives. The program will provide a broad base of knowledge concerning accounting, auditing, management and cost accounting, taxation, macro-environmental, economic and industry issues, business process structures, functions and practices as well as the general education courses. The program will prepare the students to be conversant with IT concepts and application for business systems and sound knowledge on internal control in computer-based systems, and evaluation of computer business systems.
Career Options:
*Professional accountants*

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Economics is designed to provide students with solid background and training in the methods and applications of economic analysis. The students’ research skills are honed through the various economics courses such as international economics, managerial economics and human resource economics, further preparing them to be proactive when confronting current economic issues.

Career Options:
*Economists for government and private enterprise*corporate planners*credit or foreign exchange analysts*High school economics teachers (with government licensure exams)*
Stock brokers or traders*Marketing researchers*


Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program consisting of General Education and professional courses with related learning experiences designed to prepare a professional nurse to render nursing care to individuals, families, and groups in any setting at any stage of the health-illness continuum. The curriculum is competency-and problem-based where the basic concepts in Nursing and the roles and responsibilities the students are expected to assume after graduation is considered. Requires board examination after graduating degree to be registered with license.

Career Options:
*Hospital, Community Health, Private Duty, Occupational, Military, Flight, Aerospace, School,Clinic,Independent Practice Nurse*Pharmaceutical Representatives*Nursing Educator*

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology deals with the examination of the body fluids and tissues with the use of various chemical, microscopic and bacteriological methods. It involves the application of natural, physical, and biological sciences on the performance of laboratory procedures, which aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.

Career Options:
*Hospital Technologist*Researcher*Sales*Professor*

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