Com Arts

Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts (CA) program provides the students with training in communications as an art, a science, and service to the community. It teaches the ethical significance of, as well as the responsibility involved in the use of print, radio, television, audio-visuals, and film.

Career Options:
*Advertising Practitioner*Account Manager*Creative Director*
Copywriter*Media/Buyer Planner*Public Relations Practitioner*
Corporate Communications Director*Public Relations Manager/ Consultant*Publicist*Event Planner*Market Researcher*T.V./ Film Director*T.V./Film Scriptwriter*Radio/T.V. Field Reporter*Radio/T.V. Newscaster*Program Host*

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (IE) program is designed to prepare the student for professional work in the design, improvement, installation, and maintenance of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment, and methods. The curriculum covers the engineering and social sciences, principles and methods of systems analysis and design, industrial management and human behavior.

Career Options:
*Planning Engineer*Methods Analyst*System Analyst*Design Engineer*Quality Engineer*Project Analyst*Information Analyst *Productivity Consultant/Specialist*Operations Research Analyst*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Students under this program are trained to handle the managerial side of computer related activities. The focus of the program is effective management of resources – people, money, and computer facilities, especially in areas involving accounting, projections/estimates/feasibility studies, and the like.

Career Options:
*Project Leader*Database Administrator*Database Designer*
Financial Analyst/Auditor*Programmer*

Com Sci

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program’s main focus is to expose the students to different approaches and styles in developing programs whether they are procedural or the object oriented type of system approach (software& system development).

Career Options:
*Project Leader*System Analyst/Designer*Database Creator/ Administrator*Database Designer*Programmer*Web Designer*

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