Bachelor of Science in Accountancy provides a foundation of professional knowledge, skills, values, ethics and attitudes that will enable our students to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives. The program will provide a broad base of knowledge concerning accounting, auditing, management and cost accounting, taxation, macro-environmental, economic and industry issues, business process structures, functions and practices as well as the general education courses. The program will prepare the students to be conversant with IT concepts and application for business systems and sound knowledge on internal control in computer-based systems, and evaluation of computer business systems.
Career Options:
*Professional accountants*

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Economics is designed to provide students with solid background and training in the methods and applications of economic analysis. The students’ research skills are honed through the various economics courses such as international economics, managerial economics and human resource economics, further preparing them to be proactive when confronting current economic issues.

Career Options:
*Economists for government and private enterprise*corporate planners*credit or foreign exchange analysts*High school economics teachers (with government licensure exams)*
Stock brokers or traders*Marketing researchers*


Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year program consisting of General Education and professional courses with related learning experiences designed to prepare a professional nurse to render nursing care to individuals, families, and groups in any setting at any stage of the health-illness continuum. The curriculum is competency-and problem-based where the basic concepts in Nursing and the roles and responsibilities the students are expected to assume after graduation is considered. Requires board examination after graduating degree to be registered with license.

Career Options:
*Hospital, Community Health, Private Duty, Occupational, Military, Flight, Aerospace, School,Clinic,Independent Practice Nurse*Pharmaceutical Representatives*Nursing Educator*

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology deals with the examination of the body fluids and tissues with the use of various chemical, microscopic and bacteriological methods. It involves the application of natural, physical, and biological sciences on the performance of laboratory procedures, which aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.

Career Options:
*Hospital Technologist*Researcher*Sales*Professor*

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