Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (ChE) curriculum provides the student with the basic knowledge and skills needed for future leadership and global competitiveness in the practice of the Chemical Engineering profession. It provides a rich environment for research, and for imbibing Christian values distinct to Thomasian engineers.

Career Options:
*Process Engineer (production/manufacturing)*Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control Engineer*Product Development Engineer (research and development)*Equipment and/or Process Design Engineer*Technical Marketing Engineer*Waste Management Expert*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (ME) curriculum provides the student with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the various types of machines, their elements, construction, operation, and functions, in preparation for professional work on machine design. The curriculum also covers the cycles, construction, and operation of mechanical prime movers like the internal combustion engine and the spark-ignition engine for power generation.

Career Options:
*Production Engineer*Technical Assistant Manager*Operation and Maintenance Engineer*Plant Engineer*Facilities Engineer*
Designer-Estimator*Appraiser*Project Engineer*Researcher*

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (EE) curriculum emphasizes the application of the basic theories to the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical apparatus and equipment. It also covers the use of these apparatus and equipment in the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy for various commercial and industrial purposes.

Career Options:
*Operations Engineer*Design Engineer*Manufacturing Engineer*
Sales Engineer*Electric Utility Engineer*IT Engineer*
Electrical Contractor*Electrical Planner/Consultant*Professor

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (CE) curriculum covers, among others, the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings, water supply, irrigation, flood control, and ports. It also includes environmental engineering infrastructure development and human settlements. The CE program prepares its students to be technically competent and socially responsible civil engineers.

Career Options:
*Construction Manager/Engineer*Water Engineer*Structural/ Design Engineer*Geotechnical Engineer*Environmental Engineer* Transportation/Planning Engineer*Professor*

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) curriculum aims to fully equip the student with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the design of electronic and communication circuits, in broadcast and acoustics technology, computer networks and hardware, telecommunication systems, and industrial automation.

Career Options:
*Computer Networking Professional*Telecommunications Specialist*Product or Test Engineer in a Semiconductor Industry*Researcher In An Electronics or Communications Industry*Engineer in the Maritime & Aeronautical Services*Professor*

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