Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Under this program, the students are trained to be well versed in the practical and technical know-how of installing/setting-up of computers and computer networks. Special skills taught include troubleshooting and repairing of hardware components.

Career Options:
*Project Leader*Network Administrator*LAN Administrator*
Computer Engineer*Programmer*

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is a four-year program which equips students with relevant competencies in three areas of nutrition: Hospital Nutrition, Community (Public Health) Nutrition, and Food Service, integrating not only academic and clinical knowledge and skills but also the development of proper values and attitudes in the exercise of the profession. Board Licensure can be secured after completing studies.
Career Options:
*Licensed nutritionist-dietician*Food Consultant*Researcher*
Professor*Clinician* Manager/Supervisor in government and private agencies & hospitals, food service establishment & food industries, health & wellness clinics, academic institutions*

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