Pol SCi

Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science (POL SCI) program concentrates on the theory and practice of government and politics. It has two broad purposes: first is to provide an excellent liberal education in Political Science; and second is to prepare the students for professional career in government service, or for careers dealing with public issues and problems. The curriculum is designed to expose the students to a variety of program work and activities that will provide a broad understanding of the curriculum.

Career Options:
*Government Service*Law Practice*Foreign Service*Public Service*Researcher in Politics and Law*Lecturer*


Bachelor of Arts Major in Philosophy (PHL) is a discipline that seeks the truth, and is a guide for life, the program aims to analyze the different aspects of reality, to see their interrelations, and to combine them into a systematic whole. The study of Philosophy involves not only of the objects under investigation, but also of the subject who investigates not only the thought, but also the thinker. Most importantly, the study teaches the students to think analytically and critically to enable them to give a deeper insight into the nature of man, of things, and of values to live by.

Career Options:
*Law practice*Researcher*Lecturer*Critical Analyst of Philosophical Subjects*


Bachelor of Arts Major in Literature (LIT) The program acquaints the students with various literary exemplars created in the specific historical junctures and in particular spatial locations; the creative process that occasions imaginative and intellectual labor, the literary trends and movements which impress upon the writer’s consciousness and work; the critical approaches and theoretical apparati which interrogatives the nature and purview of literature, as well as the functions and locations of different agencies of production, dissemination and consumption of miscellaneous texts in the wide web of Literary Cultural Studies.

Career Options:
*Translators (scripts/documents)*Scriptwriter*Copywriter*
Editor*Textbook Writer*Lecturer for literary & cultural studies*

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