Culinary Arts part 3

Wine Appreciation
This course introduces students to terminology and principles used in the wine industry. Focus will be on names and characteristics of grape varietals, differences between Old World and New World wines, qualities and characteristics of Old World wines, and principles of wine and food pairing. In addition, students will cover a brief overview of other alcoholic beverages, including beer and distilled liquors. Many classes will include a tasting of four to eight wines so students may experience the flavors, bodies, and aromas that appear in different wines.

This course introduces the skills needed to manage both on-premise and off-premise catering operations. Subject matter includes marketing and sales, recipe costing, menu development, kitchen and dining room layouts, staff requirements and cooking and serving skills particular to catered events.

Presentation & Plate Design
This course focuses on traditional and contemporary plate and platter presentations as well as buffet presentations. Students will prepare to meet the exacting standards of the industry through competitions, both in-house and national. Domestic and international standards will be introduced as they apply to upper level chef positions.

American Regional Cuisine
This course introduces the production of American regional cuisine dishes through a focus on various cooking methods, food textures, flavor combinations, and plate presentations.

Culinary Skills Externship
This course provides students with the skills needed to succeed in a culinary environment. The student will have an opportunity to work in an actual restaurant setting. Working in an actual food service environment will afford a student the necessary skills for success.


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