Culinary Arts part 2

Fundamentals of Baking
This course examines the preparation and production methods for baking. It includes bake shop layout, work flow, and equipment; theory and production of yeast breads; theory and production of quick breads; theory and production of cakes and cookies; production of fruit, pudding and custard pies; production of puff pastry and pate choux items.

Pastry Arts
This class focuses on techniques and fundamentals of classical and contemporary plated desserts, cake decorating, sorbets and mousses.

Nutrition and Menu Planning
This course provides the basics of nutrition and application of the basics in the food service industry. Topics include preparation methods, modification of recipes using alternative preparation methods and ingredient substitutions to lower fat and salt content, and application of the principles of Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Also included are seasonal menus with emphasis on diverse vegetarian dishes and low-fat, low-cholesterol entrees.

Dining Room Service
This course develops the skills of the future dining room server and creates a common language between the dining room and the kitchen for future chefs. Through theoretical and practical application of table service, students will gain an appreciation of the elements of the front of the house.

International Cuisine
This course exposes students to the preparation of international dishes made in the traditional manner. French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Asian, Slavic, German, and Portuguese cuisine will be covered. Emphasis is placed classroom production, cooking techniques, mise en place, and presentation.

Product Preservation Technology
This course introduces students to the growing field of packaging and preservation of food. Students will view preservation procedures both from the consumer's perspective, discussing pros and cons of using pre-prepared foods, and from the producer's perspective. Students will learn the technology and techniques for preparing irradiated, sous vide, cyrovac, frozen, freeze-dried, and oven-dried foods. In addition, students will gain hands-on experience using one or more of these techniques.

A la Carte Production
This course provides the students with the practical skills and knowledge to work in an a la carte production kitchen. Students will rotate through several kitchen stations to refine previously acquired cooking skills. Students will develop a menu and produce menu items. Students will design, produce, and serve a weekly menu around a specific theme.

Chocolate & Sugar Arts
This course introduces students to the art of working with chocolate and sugar. Topics include chocolate, tempering, cutting shapes, transfer sheets, display pieces, candies, and sugar doughs. Students will be exposed to the idea of sugar as art covering techniques in poured sugar, pulled sugar and spun sugar.

Purchasing and Receiving
This course examines the basic aspects of procurement within the foodservice industry. Topics include ordering, menu forecasting, and delivery schedules. The course also introduces receiving, proper storage and handling techniques, and inspections of deliveries and invoices. Students will learn basics of electronic purchasing, inventory controls, FIFO, security, legal and ethical aspects of procurement and resources available in the industry.

Hospitality Computer Applications
This course explores several computer applications that would assist a manager in the use of spreadsheets, computer ordering systems, menu layout and design. It also introduces the use of Internet materials and resources useful in the hospitality industry.


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