Fine Arts - Painting

Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting The program both encourages and challenges students to comprehend past and present examples of painting and to incorporate that understanding into actual practice. Learners will display a detailed comprehension through composition, expression, and the use of a visual vocabulary, by learning anatomy, life drawing, life sketching, modeling, photography, freehand drawing, and creative design and the part they play in expressing sensibility and exuberance. Learners will be capable in the use of media such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel and will reveal through their works a sense of competence in an assortment of painting modes including the human figure, still life, portrait, and landscape.

Career Options:
*Painter*Studio artist*Art administrator*Art handler*Gallery owner/operator/administrator*Museum preparator/curator*
Portrait artist*art critic*Muralist*Art director & consultant
*Exhibition designer*Digital Artist*Printmaker/graphic designer*Photographer*Art Professor*Art studio manager*
Art historian*Set designer


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