An online Associate's degree can qualify you for entry level positions such as cartoon animator, multimedia artist, storyboard creator for TV commercials and computer games creator. Not to mention putting you on track for earning a Bachelor's degree in these or other jobs.

Get a solid introduction to these professional opportunities with an online Associate's degree in Animation with topical education in:

  • Computer Systems and Typography
  • Design Basics and Drawing
  • Digital Publishing for Print and Graphics
  • Digital Video Production
  • Geometry

In addition to giving you skills that can help you communicate more effectively with supervisors, co-workers and other professionals, an online Associate's degree in Animation will enable you to gain familiarity with Software Programs such as; Adobe Flash, Premier, Illustrator, After Effects Final Cut Pro and Quicktime.

It is important to keep in mind that there are two types of Associate's degrees and the appropriate accredited college or university will assist you in finding out which one is best for you. The two types are transfer and vocational. In a transfer Associate's degree program you will have the option of using some or all of your 60 or so earned credits toward a Bachelor's degree in the future. Some programs will allow you to apply those credits toward general education requirements. However, in a vocational Associate's degree program you will acquire specialized job skills and do not plan to need those credits to be transferable to another program.


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