Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy is a five-year academic program of studies for an allied health profession that engages a person in occupation to facilitate activity and participation in culturally meaningful tasks, and address impairments physically and/or mentally. It uses purposeful activities that have potential benefits in achieving functional outcome. Thus, developing, improving and restoring the highest possible level of independence of any individual who is limited by physical injury or illness, cognitive impairment, psychological dysfunction, developmental or learning disability. It also aims to achieve total development of individuals and the promotion of one’s mental health and physical well-being.

Career Options:
*Occupational therapist clinician in diverse facility-based practice settings*Professor*Researcher*Further education in medicine*

Bachelor in Sports Science is a four-year program for a multidisciplinary field concerned with the comprehensive understanding of the scientific basis of sporting performance including general physical activity pursuits such as goal oriented fitness regimens and recreational sports as well as elite sports and the area of athletic performance enhancement.

Career Options:
*Sports coaching and officiating*Movement therapists for special groups*Outdoor pursuits instructor/trainer*Fitness facility manager*Community and corporate health manager*
Public and private sports and leisure manager*Public and private sports development program personnel*Professor*

Researcher*Postgraduate studies in the areas of sports psychology, sports nutrition, exercise and movement science*


Bachelor of Science in Tourism program covers the study of various components related to the travel and tour industry. It encompasses technical, practical and professional learning relevant to the different pillars of tourism such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services necessary for the formation of the students to become well rounded and high-spirited Tourism Professionals imbued with Christian ethics and virtues.

Career Options:
*Reservation Agents*Flight Attendants*Airline Food Service Jobs*Ticket Agents*Staff Trainers*Baggage Handlers*Sales Representatives*Travel Agents*Travel Counselor*Tour Guide*
Tour Escort*Tour Coordinator*Tourism Researcher*Professor*
Travel Writer*Public Relations Officer*Event Organizer*

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