Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is the study of the various microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, algae, protozoan, and fungi, and their activities.

Career Options:
*Fermentation*Pharmaceutical*Food Industry*Medical Research*

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry curriculum is designed to show relevance and intricate involvement of Chemistry in solving everyday problems.

Career Options:
*Industrial Quality Control*Environmental Management*
Molecular Diagnostics*Drug Discovery And Development*

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics Major in Instrumentation is the application of all branches of physics to the broad realm of practical problems in engineering, science and industry. This BS Applied Physics program blends the concrete and the abstract aspects of physics. It provides the students with an opportunity to acquire abilities for continued advancement in technology from fundamental principles in physics. This also promotes the development of strong analytical skills as well as experimental capability through its upper core programs. The instrumentation specialty involves training in design and utilization of scientific instruments.

Career Options:
*Instrumentation Designer*Researcher*Professor*

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