An Associate's degree is an academic degree typically awarded by community colleges, junior colleges and some bachelor's degree-granting colleges and universities upon completion of 60 undergraduate credits.

There are two primary types of Associate's degrees: transfer degreesvocational or professional degrees. and

Transfer degrees form the foundation of a Bachelor's degree by enabling students to complete some or all of the general education requirements to transfer to

  • An Associate of Arts (AA) degree, typically for majors in the social sciences or humanities or general studies.
  • An Associate of Science (AS) degree, typically for majors in mathematics, natural sciences, or technology.

Occupational or professional Associate's degrees qualify students for entry-level positions that do not require a Bachelor's degree. Our colleges and universities offer occupational/professional degrees in fields such as computer programming, criminal justice, graphic design, paralegal studies and medical assisting. Occupational/professional Associate's degrees are often terminal, in that the credits may not be transferable to a bachelor's degree program.

This course usually consists of practical training in the kitchen and organized field trips to introduce students to the industry. In full uniform, students will learn knife skills and basic food preparation techniques as well as practical sanitation skills. Field trips include tours of hotel and restaurant kitchens led by professional chefs. Classroom discussion will center on selected topics from a range of books.

Bachelor of Arts Major in Legal Management (LM) is a study designed not only to prepare the students for a law program or other post baccalaureate study in management or public administration, but also to develop in them entrepreneurial skills.

Career Options:
*Law practice*Judiciary & Public Service*Entrepreneur*
Law Office Managers*Human Resource Managers*Legal Researcher* Legal Support Staff*Government Official*


Bachelor of Arts Major in Journalism (JRN) program tackles all aspects of writing for newspaper and magazine, as well as for radio and television broadcast. It will train students in the effective reporting and in-depth coverage of local and international events, personalities, places, etc. Moreover, it will teach students the ethical responsibilities that will ultimately count with the pursuit of the truth and the treatment of various issues that affect the country and the international community.

Career Options:
*Reporter*Scriptwriter*Broadcaster*Copywriter*Editor*Public Relations Practitioner*Information Officer*Publicist*

Com Arts

Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts (CA) program provides the students with training in communications as an art, a science, and service to the community. It teaches the ethical significance of, as well as the responsibility involved in the use of print, radio, television, audio-visuals, and film.

Career Options:
*Advertising Practitioner*Account Manager*Creative Director*
Copywriter*Media/Buyer Planner*Public Relations Practitioner*
Corporate Communications Director*Public Relations Manager/ Consultant*Publicist*Event Planner*Market Researcher*T.V./ Film Director*T.V./Film Scriptwriter*Radio/T.V. Field Reporter*Radio/T.V. Newscaster*Program Host*

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